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"I started writing when I was twenty, and my first book came out seventeen years later."

David Sedaris


“The most important pieces of equipment you need for doing yoga are your body and your mind.” ~ Rodney Yee

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"Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape."



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my book

Find my debut book, "I Got Laid Off, Traveled and Wrote This Story" at the following online:

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From the Chapter "The Curtain":

"...I was in a rather zingy mood this morning. Not only did the carb-heavy breakfast buffet have warm, fresh chocolate croissants, which I smothered in strawberry jam, but this also happened to be my last full day in Marseilles. Whatever shall I do with myself? I’d already endured a nauseating but incredibly scenic and impressive boat ride. I’d investigated the ports, watched weathered fishermen unload heaps of glassy-eyed creatures and attempted to eat my weight in bouillabaisse. I’d even explored half a dozen churches. After awhile, they all began to look the same to me. A glistening and colorful stained glass window, a haunting crucifix looming overhead, a bewitching fresco of a graceful Madonna. In fact, I was surrounded by so many religious symbols that I was altogether convinced I saw the face of Jesus in my orange peel at breakfast..."

Here are some reviews of my book:

"Great Travel Companion" - Sara D.


"One of the rare books that kept me up past bedtime, these stories inspire one to travel despite the author's hilarious descriptions of the sometimes gritty reality of the actual thing. She puts on paper the kind of reflections we all hope for when traveling - allowing new surroundings to change the way we think about our "real life." Except with more humor. With her delightful imagery, you are stilling on the bar stool next to her, rooting for the dreamy bartender to return her glances, and running alongside her on the cobblestone streets desperate for her to get to the bathroom in time. Enjoy!"

"Hilarious, Honest and Heartfelt" - Donna


"Thoroughly enjoyed reading Hochberg's memoir. She had me laughing out loud at her self deprecating antics and stories of herself. She cleverly intertwines stories about her character, flaws and accomplishments equal, together with a trip to Europe spurred on by a job loss and a yearning to reconnect with an old crush. I too felt a sense of Carrie Bradshaw while reading this....a perfect read to make you smile and laugh aloud."

"I Am So Glad You Got Laid Off!" - Maggie S.


"Reading this book is like getting fantastic emails from your most fun, and funniest friend (except probably better written). Hochberg is both hilarious and honest, so her writing is simply a joy (as some of my fellow NYC subway riders can attest--while reading, I almost missed my stop twice and definitely was caught laughing out loud in public). When is the next book coming out?! More please!"